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BMW Leather Interior Repair Kit Cigarette Burns & Holes


BMW Leather Interior Repair Kit Cigarette Burns & Holes

Leather Furniture Repair


Much Bigger Kit than our competitors and at a cheaper price. When paying please state your BMW Leather Interior Colour or drop us an email info@nuttygroup.com

Leather Colourant Descriptions.

Leather PU Colourant Pigment Paints / Dyes. The polyurethane leather colourants are water based and so are non harmful and non hazardous.

We've made them very thin so they're extremely easy to apply, almost the same consistency of water, so they can be easily sprayed through any spraying equipment without causing blockages.

The PU Colourants have been designed for colour restoration and colour change jobs so the pigment addition is very high allowing them to easily cover leather without the need for lots of applications.

Most importantly is their ability to resist scuffs and scratches. The PU Colourants are extremely hard wearing and will not scratch unless very heavily forced.

Leather Finish in Gloss & Matt Descriptions

An extremely hard wearing and scuff resistant PU leather finish

Leather finish is a clear coat sealer / lacquer designed to be applied over the top of the Leather PU Finish, to seal in the top coat, giving the finish an extremely hard wearing surface protecting it from stains and dirt.

Very Hard Wearing - Seals colour in and keeps it there!

High flexibility & soft natural touch.

Clear finish can be made into matt, semi-matt, satin & gloss. By adding matting agent.

Water Based - Non Hazardous & Non Flammable

Scuff & scratch resistant

The finish has been designed to seal colour in after applying colour to a leathers surface. The finish far exceeds standard lacquers in both wet & dry rub fastness so you can be sure your colour is thoroughly sealed in. It also feels soft and natural on the leather, it does not make the leather feel like plastic or artificial in anyway. In fact it further adds and improves the touch and texture on leather, it has a very smooth, soft and silky feel, very natural and very appealing to customers.

Ideal for manufacturers of antique finished leathers. Apply the finish after rubbing off the colour for long lasting protection. Perfect to seal in colour after making a repair. Available ready to use. Just spray it on. A must in the automotive industry where rub fastness is crucial. This product will greatly increase the leathers life span.

Alcohol Cleaner Descriptions

The alcohol cleaner is to be used to as a wipe down cleaner when recolouring leather. It removes grease, dirt, oils and waxes that may be on a leathers surface, that, unless removed, could cause lack of adhesion with colours.

Easy to use: Just wipe on and off the leather with a clean cloth. Can be used as a stain remover as well, and thinned with water to make it less aggressive.

Can be mixed with the premium leather cleaner to clean really dirty leather: before applying colour.

Suitable for use on all finished leathers.

Suitable for leather in mixed industries: furniture, clothing, automotive, equine, shoes and more

Heavy Filler Descriptions

The Heavy Filler is a unique Repair Compound used to fill in surface abrasions, badly cracked leather areas and holes in leather on leather.

Its a thick paste and so it can be easily rubbed into the leathers damage, allowing it to hold the leather fibres tightly together creating a strong repair as well as a smooth one.

You can also mix the Leather Colourant with this filler to match the leather colour making the repair better and enabling you to get a better more invisible finish.

The Heavy Filler has a flexible finish so it wont crack.

Kit Contents

1 x Main Base Leather Colour 30ml

3 x Tinters 15ml each (maybe more depending on base colour)

1 x Leather Gloss Finish 15ml

1 x Leather Finish Matt 15ml

1 x Alcohol Cleaner 15ml

1 x Heavy Duty Leather Filler 5ml

1 x 30ml Mixing Cup

2 x Bits Of Sand Paper

1 x Red Emery Cloth

2 x Application Sponges

2 x Tooth Picks

1 x Mixing Stick

1 x Detailed Instructions.

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