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Antique Finish Repair Kit For Chesterfiled Suites, Small Kit


No colour matching is required as we manufacture the colours that are first used on many 'rub' off leathers. There are only a limited range of colours used all of which we have in stock.

The antique finish kit has been designed as a simple to use and very effective kit for re-applying the top coat colour to 'rub' off leathers. Rub off leathers are leathers where there is a top coat of colour applied, normally a very dark colour such as a deep red, green, blue or brown. This colour is designed to actually rub off as the leather ages. This often gets out of hand and customers are left with very light patches that can look terrible.

This is extremely common with Chesterfields and old Antique style sofas.

How it works: Rub off leathers are made by the leather being dyed and then finished with leather paints. This is known as the base colour and is usually a bright colour such as, red, green, blue, tan and brown. A strong lacquer is then applied to seal the colour in. A second coat is then sprayed on top of the lacquer. This coat is a very dark version of the base coat, like a deep red (oxblood) or deep green.....this colour is almost black.

The colour is sprayed onto the leather in order for it to allow the base colour to show through creating an aged look. Normally the buttoned areas and edges are sprayed much darker than the other areas.

The problem occurs a few years down the line, when with use, the dark top coat colour starts to wear away exposing the bright base colour beneath. This creates patches of bright colour making the leather look very patchy and odd. It is simply fixed by spraying the top coat colour back onto the leather.

Small Antique Finish Kit: This is for touching up small items of furniture. It is enough for a single arm chair or for repairing chemical spill damage, e.g. nail varnish remove spill.

At the very bottom are pictures of what you can do with this kit.


•250ml Alcohol Cleaner

•250ml Antique Colour

•250ml Leather Finish

•Airbrush & 2 x 400ml Propellant Cans

•Cloth & Instructions

To find out more on leather repair please visit ouu leather repair site


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