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250ml Size Duo Premium Leather Cleaner & Protection Cream


Leather Repair Company, Premium Leather Cleaner & Leather Protection Cream 250ml Size duo bottles



Leather Repair Company,  Premium Leather Cleaner is a leather cleaner suitable for use on all types of leather (except suede & nubuck). It is perfect for use on all your leather items, furniture, car interior, shoes, jackets, equestrian leathers and luggage. Premium Leather Cleaner is recommended for use when your leather has become very dirty. Premium Leather Cleaner is just a leather cleaner, so we recommend that after you have cleaned your leather, you should use the leather protection cream to maintain it.

Can Be Used On

 Premium Leather Cleanercan be used on all different articles of leather, from furniture and car interior to clothes, shoes an even equestrian leathers.  Premium Leather Cleaner is used to clean leather that has become very dirty and needs a good clean. It works on all colours of leather and all different grain types.


Shake the bottle well to mix together the various cleaning agents. Spray onto a sponge or directly onto the leather and agitate to create a foam. Clean in a circular motion to lift the dirt. A soft bristled brush can be used to reach dirt trapped in the grain.

After cleaning the leather you need to condition it. Use the leather protection cream for best results.

Leather Repair Company, Leather Protection Cream - Suitable for use on all types of leather except suede and nubuck the leather protection cream is a unique and professional product.

Conditions: Containing a natural blend of oils and waxes the leather protection cream feeds and nourishes your leather preventing it from drying out, cracking and fading.

Protects: The protection cream adds a transparent layer to the surface of leather. This layer has several benefits.

Stain Barrier:The layer repels all water based stains and will help prevent solvent and chemical damage. This is an ideal solution to aniline leathers, which absorb stains easily.

Sun Barrier : The layer also acts as a barrier between the leather and all the elements that damage it. This prevents sun damage and also helps prevent damage from any other heat source like a radiator, stopping the leather from fading and drying out.

Slip Effect:: The trasnparent layer applied to the leather will eliminate any friction caused between your bottom and the leather. When you sit on leather you stick to it to a certain degree causing friction. Over the years continual friction starts to abrade the surface causing scuff marks, paint peeling and general roughness and colourloss. These problems are very common on the seating cushions with furniture and even more common on the sides of car interior where the driver gets in and out.

Apply the protection cream every 2/3 months to prevent this type of damage.

Re-Instates Aroma - The leather protection cream is also infused with a luxurious leather aroma, which is transferred into your leather when applied.

Can Be Used On

The leather protection cream is suitable for use on all types of leather except suede and nubuck, it is great for aniline leathers because it repels stains, somthing that is normally instantly absorbed. It can be used on all different articles of leather and is exceptional on car interior and furniture.

Rolls Royce Interior

Leather Car Interior - The protection cream is excellent for use in a car. It reduces friction and so prevents the leather from wearing, this is especially common on car seat bolsters where the driver gets in and out. It protects the leather from the sun, this wills top the leather fading keeping it looking new longer.

Leather Furniture - The protection cream adds a stain resistant layer to leather repelling all liquid stains and drastically reducing stains from clothing and cushions. It also stops the leather absorbing body oils and grease, as well as retaing dirt on the surface so it can be easily cleaned in the future.

Use every 2/3 months for thorough year long protection or twice a year for general maintanence.


Shake bottle well and apply to the leather with a soft cloth. Rub sparingly into the leather in a circular motion. Note: Applying a little will match the sheen of your leather, if you apply more it will enhance the shine on the leather.

Leave for 5 minutes and then buff over with a cloth. It is crucial to buff this product for best results.

How Long Does Leather Protection Cream Last? 250ml is enough to use on a three piece suite about two ot three times, depending upon how much is applied. For year long 100% protection apply the product every 2/3 months, and to just maintain your leather apply the product twice a year.

How Long Does  Premium Leather Cleaner Last? 250ml of  Premium Leather Cleaner  is enough to clean a three piece suite 1 or 2 times. It is recommened to clean leather twice annually and so 500ml would last about 1 year cleaning a suite.

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