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Q. when will my order be shipped out.

A. in normal cases your order is sent the same day or within 24 hours, apart from bank holidays.

Q. can we get car care advise for free

A. yes we are here to offer help and advise for FREE or you can visit www.detailersforum.com

Q. if it's a week day my order is being delivered and I will be at work. Can I have my order sent to my work address rather than my billing address?

A. Yes. When giving details of your billing address in the checkout section there is the option to enter a separate delivery address. However, please note that the billing address must match your credit or debit card statement.

Q. What's the difference between a hard wax and a soft wax?

A. Soft waxes can be applied by hand, usually in a thicker layer and are a little easier to work with. Hard waxes need to be applied using an applicator and are generally better for layering as they cure quicker.

Q. can I request you to send goods to a friend for a present and include a card, like a birthday card

A. yes you can do this and we would be more than delighted to do this and include a card for you.

Q. can I apply car wax / polish to my windows

A. not to your windscreen NO, but to your side windows and rear window yes you can.

Q. what is the difference between a car wax and a car polish ?

A. In theory, a wax contains wax which stays on your car to protect your paintwork, and a polish contains abrasives which removes a tiny amount of dead and oxidized paint.

Q. can I use washing up liquid to wash my car ?

A. NO this will cause a great deal of damage, it will take the shine away, dull the paint and cause oxidation to set in.

Q. what product do I need to remove squashed flys?

A. squashed flies will soak off during a wash with Bodywork Shampoo and some rubbing with a sponge. If you do not wish to wash the whole car again and just remove the flies from the front of your car, I would suggest neat car shampoo put onto a sponge, first wet the front and then gently rub in the neat shampoo using the sponge to dissolve the flies.

Q. is it safe to use tyre dressing on my tyres treat as well ?

A. NO THIS WILL MAKE IT VERY DANGEROUS, and cause an accident.

Q. if I have a scuff on my leather can I repair this ?

A. yes you can buy one of the leather repair scuff kits for your car, if your car make is not listed just use the contact us form and ask a question as we will do it.

Q. my steering wheel feels sticky, what can I do to stop this ?

A. first of all you need to use the premium leather care cleaner and a soft nail brush, what you will be feeling is built up grease from your hands and this needs to be removed first,

once that is done you can then protect this with the leather protection cream.