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Welcome to the section about Dodo Island, Mauritius, home of the dodo and industrial epicentre of the Dodo Juice corporation. Two years after the initial Dodo Juice launch, the carnauba car wax production facility on Dodo Island has grown immensely and they have now installed monorail its fully complete and working perfectly. The Dodo has taken on more henchmen and the laser is going nicely. So why not take a look around the selection of Dodo Juice products we have to offer? Our website is more helpful and informative than ever before, and only one web developer had to be fed to our starving fanged sharpened pet monkey during the exhaustive production process of our new exciting web site.

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New Products For January - Dodo Juice

Dodo Juice Gentle Grey Clay Bar Make Paint Smooth & New
Dodo Juice Gentle Grey Clay Bar Make Paint Smooth & New
The original seven-patent fine grade clay.Comes as a single 200g bar, ...
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